Amish Lesson: Business Growth With No Tech – Pros and Cons

There’s a lot of Amish business growing and thriving and they are NOT using cars, cell phones, electricity or other comforts of life that we non-Amish take for granted.
Business Week writes that Miller Farm, a Pennsylvania food producer, has grown to $1.8 million in annual sales from less than half that four years ago. The farm is so busy it’s turning away orders from food cooperatives around the country.
This story has two lessons:
Lesson One: Technology is NOT a must for business growth. What is most important is a great product, great customer service and getting the word out about your product, so you have customers. This Amish business goes to food shows and other types of events where they can show off their food and sign up contracts for retailers and direct order customers who want his all natural food.

Lesson Two: On the other hand, I was thinking how much bigger or profitable his business could be if he used some common tools of business such as computers, cell phones, web site and other things (hint Twitter or Facebook) to grow his business even more. These tools could help this farm a) manage their internal business (inventory, employees, incoming orders) and b) market to customers on a larger scale c) better market to existing customers.
While technology is NOT the first thing you need to be in business, it is a MUST if you want to grow it and sustain it beyond a certain point.