Can You Measure The ROI Of Your Time? Here’s How To Boost Productivity

During the course of a given day, professionals all over the world are doing a variety of activities on their computers. Email, memos, web browsing and so much more.
One of the challenges for business professionals is a) knowing how much time is spent on a given project and how to allocate that best to clients b) for those who do not necessarily charge clients for their time, knowing how much time you spend on a task can be invaluable in knowing how to better allocate your time.

In a recent Chrometa blog post this advice is given
: What you really need to do is to look at everything that you have on your list – and pick the single most important thing. Then work on it, uninterrupted, until it’s completed.

The uninterrupted part is the toughest, by far. It’s SO easy and tempting to check your email, answer the phone, respond to an instant message, or click over to a website.
But if you can master this ability, you’ll boost your productivity significantly, and you’ll be able to work the same, or even less, hours.

Instead of me telling you more about it, check out this video:

Intro to Chrometa 2.0 from JP Ren on Vimeo.