Don’t Get “Yelp-ed”: Enable Customers To Give Feedback and Receive Replies

One of the most frustrating things about being a customer is NOT problems, but not being able to resolve problems.
Services like Yelp, which enable customers to complain or praise your company’s product or service, help customers decide how they do or do not like something about your company.
Customer feedback service, Ratepoint , tells me that according to a survey from the National Association of Retail Marketing Services, businesses lose 10 customers for every one that complains.
If you want to collect feedback and strengthen customer loyalty:

  • Open a direct line of communications, start with a simple e-mail address and mailing address displayed prominently on your Web site.
  • To take feedback to the next level, make it easy for customers to provide feedback with reputation-management tools. Add an automated commenting area to your Web site that can be easily recognized by all visitors as the place for them to leave feedback.
  • Ask for feedback. Survey your customers to see what’s on their minds or send a follow-up e-mail asking for feedback instead of waiting for it. They’ll appreciate your willingness to listen, which is essential when building trust.

Want more information on having a positive online reputation?
You can learn more about the topic of online reputation management by going here to download The Small-¬¨Business Owner’s Guide to Building a Great Reputation Online. The guide provides small- to mid-sized business owners with best practices, expert advice and tips on dispute resolution and simple solutions for online reputation management.