Email Marketing 2.0: The Smart Phase of Customer and Prospecting Outreach

Most businesses with any half decent type of marketing have an email newsletter and website. Everyone of them might not have a blog or be active in Twitter, but they definitely would have a web site and email newsletter.
Traditionally, email marketing has been a very simplistic approach. Create your email newsletter (have great subject lines, content and overall design) and send it out on a regular basis to an bunch of email addresses. You might get more sophisticated and have a variety of email lists, but overall, you probably send the same email to the same lists.
However, Email Marketing 2.0 is what your business must quickly migrate to, if you want to use the power of email marketing as a tool to BOOST profits by getting prospects to buy from you, more often. Email Marketing 2.0 is a powerful way to ensure your current customers buy MORE from you.

Email marketing company Campaigner has been speaking about this aspect of email marketing for some time. There are many email marketing companies to choose from, it’s important you choose those who can help you not just send a blast email to customers, but who can help you nurture them.
Another service, Fire Email Marketing from Presonant Marketing Group piqued my interest with their blog post about giving something for nothing.
What is Email Marketing 2.0? It’s all about being able to put together email marketing campaigns that provide expected information to customers over a period of time. Instead of sending out an email thanking a customer for visiting your baking web site, you can send an email to a customer thanking them for visiting your baking web site and asking them if they would like to sign to receive 2 weeks of daily baking tips.
This gives you the permission of the customers to send them WANTED information on a particular interest they have, you stay at the forefront of their mind over time boosts the sales they’ll throw your way and NOT to your competition.
Email Marketing 2.0 is all about mind share, translated into wallet share. You’ll hear more companies providing services for email marketing 2.0 in the coming weeks.
Wendy Lowe of Campaigner writes more on email marketing here