Getting The Most From Adobe Acrobat and Other Popular Tools

adobetv.jpgAdobe Acrobat is one of the most popular and oft used products in the tech industry. Beyond Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Internet Explorer (I use FireFox) and popular web sites (such as Gmail), Adobe Acrobat is the “hidden” software that we use quite a bit.
Documents we read online are often created in Adobe’s popular PDF format, to ensure that whether we open it or someone opens it in the next cubicle or next country that the document looks the same.
However, did you know that there’s much more to Adobe Acrobat than meets the eye? If you are only using the free Adobe Reader, you can only view PDF documents and you are getting a very limited experience overall. Although the full version of Acrobat starts at $300, depending on what you do it can be worth it.

If you want to get more about of Adobe check out Adobe TV here. Adobe is just ONE example of the many online and free tools and resources you can take advantage of, to learn more about how to use a product.
Microsoft, Google, Apple, Dell, Intuit and other companies offer extensive libraries of information to help you get more out of their products and out of the ancillary products that work with their core products.