iPhone Apps: Maybe They Are THE Tools For Mobile Biz Productivity

I’ve come across app after app after app that’s created for businesses to be more productive for use on the iPhone. I’m wondering, maybe the iPhone is not a device just for consumers to have fun – maybe it’s really a powerful device mainly for business productivity.
In fact, maybe it’s worth it that you consider which of your software vendors and service providers have developed apps for the iPhone.
Why? For example, SurePayroll recently announced an iPhone app enabling their customers to manage payroll from an iPhone.
If you’re always on the road, for example, what would you rather use? A bulky notebook computer or netbook (compared to a cell phone) or a svelte iPhone that can help you do most of the day to day and week to week tasks of running your business – such as payroll, HR, inventory or customer relations.
You can find thousands of apps for your business, from Apple, here.