Microsoft Office Is Expensive: There Are Alternatives

Microsoft Office, can set you back hundreds of dollars per employee, depending on the version you purchase. Office is used by so many businesses, and is, the default office suite for many professionals.
For businesses who are looking to save money but still have a feature rich office suite, IBM’s free Lotus Symphony might be a solution.
ZD Net writes The big question here is whether any of these upgrades will get folks to try free or alternatives to Microsoft Office. The good news for the market is that between IBM, OpenOffice and Google Apps there’s healthy competition for enterprise buyers to segment users. Light users may get a free suite while power Excel jockeys keep Microsoft Office
I’m using Google docs more and more and like it, for some things. But for reading other documents most often in Word, or when you need to do things like track changes, tables or some other features, often times turning to Office is just about the only option.