Add Break Out Rooms To Your Next Conference Call

We all participate in conference calls every now and then, some of us more than others. Webinars, wherein a few or hundreds of people participate in an online conference and listen to the presentation through the phone is quite common.
One new feature that launched, which I think is pretty neat, is enabling break out rooms. This means that during a live conference call, a conference host may distribute callers into up to four breakout conferencing rooms.
This is not the most revolutionary feature, but for those who organize conference calls, it could be a nicely added feature to enable your conference call participants to split up into separate breakout rooms.

WebEx, GoToMeeting and Ilinc are three popular webinar services that I’m sure many of you use.
If you want to get the MOST of your next webinar or audio only conference, take the time to explore the features that you might not have known were there.
Of course, don’t just use a new feature for the heck of it. But use a new feature to BOOST the experience of those participating in the conference.