New Travel Rules Equals New Vigilance For Laptop Travellers

The Transportation Safety Administration continues to revise and issue new rules affecting how we travel, all with the hope of making our travel safer. How you travel with your laptop and other electronics is going to be one factor which determines who fast you get through the airport security lines. Another thing to constantly be aware of is to ensure you and your laptop make it through the airport.
CMIT Solutions writes So the next time you take your computer with you on a business trip, remember two basic principles: prevention and mitigation.

First, prevent laptop loss by giving yourself plenty of time at the airport, making sure you pack lightly so that you’re not overwhelmed by your luggage, and keeping an eye on your computer as you go through security and boarding. (The two most common places people lose computers are in security checkpoints and at gates.)
To mitigate laptop loss, encrypt and back up all your important files. That way, if you do lose your computer you’ll minimize the risk that confidential company information will end up in the wrong hands, and you’ll be able to quickly rebuild your files and get back to work.