No Internet Through Cable or DSL? Satellite Offers An Option to 500k+ Users

A few weeks ago HughesNet celebrated a milestone of over 500,000 customers using its “internet via satellite” service. Although many businesses take for granted that they can get high speed Internet via cable or DSL, there are thousands of businesses in the midwest who telephone companies and cable providers do not service with viable business Internet access.
“High-speed access is about more than being able to surf the Internet,” said Mike Cook, Hughes senior vice president. “For the millions of homes and small businesses lying within areas of North America that are unserved by cable and DSL providers, satellite broadband is what keeps people connected to friends and family and keeps countless small businesses generating revenue.”
Other options for Internet access, not for day to day business use, but in an emergency, is to use your cell phone to connect to the Internet. It’s not going to be fast, but in an emergency it’ll get you at least dial-up modem speed.