Powerful, Simple and Affordable Video Hosting: Viddler

viddler.jpgYoutube is a decent platform for hosting video and its even has some limited video editing tools. But if you want to really make your videos impressive, like by adding comments within the video, or video comments within the video, Viddler offers a powerful platform.
With Viddler you can put your OWN logo on your video, not Youtube’s.
The analytics provided are quite extensive as well, including being able to track the attention span of your video viewers. Pricing starts at $100 per month.
If you have not tried video as a marketing tool for your business, give it a try. You can buy a low cost video camera (such as the Flip from Cisco) and with simple editing software you can produce a decent video showcasing your products or services or even better, providing valuable information to your customers (or partners or employees).
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