Using Crowds To Help Grow Your Business

Crowd sourcing is a powerful way to leverage the Internet, to enable large groups of people to provide insight (or advice or joint work) on something. Wes Cutshall, CEO of 32nd Degree LLC which builds web site for a variety of uses has a service, It’s an online service designed to let a community of individuals find names for a company, product, web site or service.
Wes tells me that there have so far been 3,000 naming assignments and 55,000 names submitted since 2009.
CrowdSpring is a marketplace of creative professionals who provide logo, design or writing services for your business.
The power of crowd sourcing is that for very little money you can tap into the creative minds of large numbers of people.

Wikipedia has more on crowd sourcing here. There are many crowd sourcing projects, not only of them are based online, but the Internet makes it easier to bring crowds of people together and manage their collective minds.
Read Business Week’s insight on this as well.
Remember the 10 or 100 people in your office? Crowd sourcing can be used in your company to gather the collective input and/or intelligence of your employees, customers or partners.

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