Video Conferencing: Beyond Jerky Video, It’s For YOU Now

Technology consultant Gene Marks writes in Forbes :
I live in a pretty nice area outside of Philadelphia. My kids go to the local public high school and on their first day of classes were issued brand new Apple Macbooks. That’s pretty nice. Not that they use them for actual school work. Most of the time they’re on Facebook and video-chatting.
Video-chatting. My 14-year-old year kids are doing this. My 14-year-old year old consulting business is not.

Skype is one of the most popular video conferencing tools in use for smaller businesses. It’s free and easy to use. However, at times you need to do a “real” video conference with more then one person and/or need higher quality.
Video conferencing is one of those tools that when you have it available, the more uses you’ll find for it.
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