What Apple’s iPad Can Teach You About Resisting Technology

ipad.jpgApple’s released three gadgets – Cell Phone (iPhone), Portable Entertainment Device (iTouch) and now the iPad. Amazon.com’s Kindle is exploding in sales (I can see it on the train all the time – taking a similar trajectory to the iPhone).
What does this mean to you?
As vendors push out new technology, you might feel some sort of rush or urgency to buy the latest gadget. DON’T.
In the same way that every smart family has a budget and uses the budget to buy what they can afford at that time, or save up for what they want to buy, your Technology Plan will help discipline you in to what you can buy and when.

The technology plan, aligned with your road map and growth plans, helps you prioritize your technology purchases along the lines of your needs now, in the near term future and long term future.
When analyzing the iPad, which has its pros and cons, you’re looking at how fresh, crisp and new it is.
If you want one for yourself and love gadgets, sure, rush in and buy one.
But if you’re thinking of how you could possibly use this for your company, slow down and strategically think about it.
PS – Also keep in mind that it’s not wise to ever buy the first version of any new technology. Let a few hundred thousand people buy it first and then buy the version that the vendor has updated without the initial bugs and problems.