3 Ways To Not Waste Your Time With Social Media Marketing

At several of the past few opportunities I’ve had to speak at business meetings, one of the hottest topics has been the use of social media.
I was looking at a recent GetResponse survey which said that over 80 percent of respondents plan to use video emails in 2010 and over 90 percent of SMB marketers plan to integrate social media into their email campaigns this year.
This sounds great, and I think all of us are drinking the social media fruit punch.
But my concern is that while it’s easy for businesses to create a Facebook page and a Twitter account, if they do not strategically leverage these tools and get somewhat professional advice (not from some “social media consultant” but at least from someone who knows quite a bit about social media marketing) they are going to waste their time and be frustrated with the results.

There is a big gap between those who just have a Twitter account and those who are really leveraging Twitter as a business tool to boost business. I know many business owners like this. They are smart business owners and managers, but are simply too busy managing their day to day customers and projects to even think about how to really leverage Twitter as an effective tool.
If you really want to leverage social media as a tool for the growth of your company.
1) Read as much as you can about case studies of businesses who are really using these tools for success. Two specific reads are How Wiggly Wigglers, based in the UK uses social media and an Inc Magazine article on 5 ways to make money with Twitter.
2) Attend free or free seminars where you can learn, in person from experts in how to leverage social media.
3) Spend some money to sit with a “social media consultant” who can give you a one or two hour consultation, giving you specific ideas and advice for how to leverage social media in your business.