5 Ways to Use Video in Your Business

Did you know that video is a POWERFUL form of communication? Why do you think Youtube (and hey Television and online videos overall) is so powerful?
It’s not hard to take a camera and video tape something, but when it comes to editing it and making it look good – that can take a bit more expertise.
Of course, just video taping your CEO’s presentation, or how a product is used, or a customer testimonial does not necessarily take much work. But when it comes to making a more professionally looking video, having it professionally edited can make it look a bit better than what you can do.

Pixability was the winner of the Fifth Annual Small Business Summit HOT TECH DEMO 2010 award. They make it very easy for small businesses to create a video and have it professionally edited.
Inc. Magazine gives five ways you can use video in your business:

  • Use video to raise your profile
  • Create authentic testimonials
  • Provide quick feedback
  • Go behind the scenes
  • Enhance news releases

Read the entire Inc article here.