6 Reasons To Update Your E-Commerce Software

Why is that retail stores periodically freshen up their stores?
They know that a fresh new look not only LOOKS good, and will increase traffic into their stores, but they also know that periodically upgrading the cash registers, lighting, flow of traffic, carpet, paint and other things even further increases interest in new and current customers to stop by the store.
One of the big things that Chef Ramsey does for his “make over” restaurants is a complete redesign and upgrade of their stores!
For online businesses, upgrading and refreshing your online store is so very important.
Ecommerce software maker Volusion’s newest features is a great example of what upgrades you should consider implementing in your web site.

Enable Convenience: – Soft add-to-cart: this feature drastically improves the shopping experience by allowing customers to add products to their cart without leaving the product details page.
Enabling Others Who Want to Buy for Others To Do So – Gift Registry: merchants can now offer a global gift registry to their customers. This enhancement allows customers to add products from any online store to their personal registries.
Social Media Hooks – Social media sharing is not just for content webs sites. Ecommerce web sites must enable their customers to showcase and/or share the items they’ve purchased or they want to purchase with others.
AddThis integration: enables online businesses to share products across hundreds of social media networks and news sources – including Facebook, Twitter, Kaboodle, and StumbleUpon. This integration helps elevate brand awareness and allows consumers to purchase products directly from their favorite social media outlets.
Enable Customers To Find What They Want – Advanced search capabilities: provides corrections or suggestions on consumer search terms, automatic spell check functionality, and allows grouping of additional terms by keywords. Also, search results can now be refined by brand, price or custom field.
Enable Loyal Customers – My Rewards: a loyalty program that empowers merchants to reward their customers. Merchants can choose to offer points for products or points for cash. Merchants can also control the amount and timing of the point payout.
Reach international audiences – Improved language settings: gives merchants the power to create their store in any web safe language.