A Conversation With AVG: More Than Free Security

RobGorby.jpgRobert Gorby is AVG‘s Global Head of Small Business Propositions and has a tough job.
AVG is one of the most popular security products on the market due to its free (that means no money for AVG) computer security software, that’s mainly for consumers.
On the other hand, Trend Micro, Symantec and McAfee are its three arch rivals and aggressively targeting the SMB market (that’s YOU) as well.
In a recent conversation Robert explained to me that his main focus is very simple, “to make sure that AVG’s protection is focused on the people and not the computers”. This means ensuring AVG products are very easy to use and install.
110 million customers, in small businesses and individual consumers around the world have voted to use AVG, so clearly AVG is doing something right.
I asked Robert, about the free AVG product and why anyone would need to purchase AVG if they can get it for free. He explained that the free product provides strong and good basic protection. However, just like you might have one lock in your home, to protect it even more you might want to install an alarm system, additional lock and even a lock on the back door.
Purchasing the premium AVG software ensures you have more protection than the free version. The small business version, for example, has a remote administration console, web site link protection (so you won’t access web site pages that are hacked), it also includes firewall protection and more.

In a blog post, Robert wrote about ensuring that your online reputation is intact. To that end, one concern for your business should be to ensure that the suppliers and vendors you work with have their own networks secure as well.
He writes Knowing that a supplier’s IT infrastructure is not as secure as it should be would worry most people, particularly if they share critical business data with that supplier/company. Yet with so many more businesses using cost-effective social media tools to market their company, the threat of customers being sent inappropriate messages from your (or one of your employees) social media account is real and the potential impact on your reputation (by undermining your customer’s trust in your ability to safeguard their data) is great.
Another BIG security threats are social networks. You can’t stop employees from using social networks, but you can use technology to ensure that links your employees are clicking on, through social networks, are secure and not compromised.
You can read more of Robert’s insight here in his blog. The posts I read are quite heavily focused on pointing to AVG products, but still they give you things to think about in regard to securing your business.