Are You Ready For FASTER Internet Access? It Wil Enhance Your Productivity and Boost Your Industry Overall

Business Week writes that Google (and others) are experimenting with developing faster Internet access, from 1 GPS and beyond. This means that in about 3 – 5 seconds you can download and watch the latest movie – no stopping and starting.
While media companies are salivating on the opportunities, YOUR business should be prepared for new possibilities that enable you to get even closer to your customers and partners. While we’re doing a lot with current broadband speeds, the experience with even faster broadband means that we can do cheaper video conferences, while displaying and/or working with collaborative video or other bandwidth intensive applications.
I think of a service such as SlideRocket which was a HOT TECH DEMO 2010 winner at the Fifth Annual Small Business Summit.

SlideRocket enables businesses to create digital presentations (aka Power Point) all online. With even faster broadband speeds the experience of creating a powerful and multi-media rich presentation is even better.
Business Week writes A download speed of 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) is 20 times faster than top speeds Verizon offers consumers and more than 256 times faster than the speeds available to the average broadband subscriber. Broadband providers are trying to meet a surge in demand for video and other services delivered over networks, sometimes wirelessly. Global data traffic may increase fivefold by 2013, according to Cisco.
Once again, Google is in front of its competitors and causing them to follow and catch up. Thanks Google.
Real Estate agents can implement better experiences for their distant clients and show them homes in real time and/or provide more multi-media to them.
Medical offices can increase their use of tele-medicine for collaboration or actual operating room involvement.
Professional service firms can develop closer, real time, discussions with distant clients.
This is just the start….