Blogging: Successful Blogging Takes Humility and Expertise. Advice from Guru Joel Spolsky

Joel Spolsky is an amazing and inspiring business person, who created Fog Creek Software and has grown the company over the years through savvy marketing and knowing his customers (programmers) very well.
He was also mentioned by Seth Godin at the Fifth Annual Small Business Summit.
In addition to being a blogger with big following, Joel has created a powerful ecosystem of programmers who buy his product, and turn to his job board to hire programmers.
There’s a lot we can learn from Joel Spolsky.
New bloggers think blogging is all about writing, linking, writing, linking writing and cool plug-ins. Green professionals thinking to blog, the must blog all about themselves.
Trust me, this is NOT what blogging is about. To have a successful blog it’s about providing GREAT information, on a particular topic, to your audience.

Joel writes in
So, what’s the formula for a blog that actually generates leads, sales, and business success? I didn’t even understand it myself until last year at the Business of Software conference, when one of the speakers, a well-known game developer and author named Kathy Sierra, blew me away with an incredibly simple idea that explains why my blog successfully promoted my company while so many other blogging founders foundered.
To really work, Sierra observed, an entrepreneur’s blog has to be about something bigger than his or her company and his or her product. This sounds simple, but it isn’t. It takes real discipline to not talk about yourself and your company. Blogging as a medium seems so personal, and often it is. But when you’re using a blog to promote a business, that blog can’t be about you, Sierra said. It has to be about your readers, who will, it’s hoped, become your customers. It has to be about making them awesome.

To have a successful blog take GREAT content, humility and insight. It’s NOT about talking about yourself. It’s really about talking about others – your partners, your customers. It’s about providing insightful information to your audience, so just like a good daily newspaper, they want to come back again and again and again and again for information from YOUR BLOG.