Dare Hackers, Viruses & Malware to Attack Remote Users: USB Drive Creates Virtual Secure Environment

One of the challenges for network administrators is managing the connectivity of remote workers to corporate networks.
For those with laptops – personal or company owned – how do corporate IT managers ensure that the remote computer is updated with the latest patches, virus free and not a zombie computer stealing sensitive data – or worse?
Maybe your users are at hotels or using the computers of clients, and they’re accessing your corporate networks. You have no clue if their information is secure or if the computer they’re on has been compromised by a hacker – therefore leaving your network open to attack as well.
Available 31 March, a new device, Check Point Abra, combines a SanDisk high-performance, encrypted USB Flash drive with Check Point virtualization, VPN and security technologies to create a device from which mobile workers can access files and applications anywhere and anytime.
Abra users simply plug an Abra USB stick into a Windows-based PC and enter their credentials to initiate a virtual workspace. The Abra work session remains isolated from the host PC, ensuring sensitive data remains on Abra and preventing data loss. Hardware and software encryption also protects data while in use and when an Abra drive is not in operation.