Easily Save Money On Tech Charges: Periodically Check Rates and Usage

paynow.jpgI’m talking more and more on the phone – cell phone and office phone – interviewing business owners and executives all over the country!
What does this mean? Higher telephone bills.
I’ve got a 900 minute cell phone plan with Verizon Wireless and I’m charged US$0.40 (as in Forty Cents) a minute for phone calls over the 90 minutes.
Earthlink (my telephone provider) charges $0.04 (as in Four Cents) per minute over my 500 minute plan. I’ve just upgraded to the unlimited voice plan with Earthlink.
Lesson learned: Monitor your usage of billable services and amend accordingly. Talk with your service providers to ensure you are getting the best rate. Since their rates will change throughout the year, due to competition, regulations and their own cost of doing business – check the rates throughout the year.