Five Tips For Video Blogging: From The King Of Social Media (Robert Scoble)

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Robert Scoble, two times. Once at a Business Development Institute event and once at a “Geek Get Together” that he and Steve Rubel hosted.
Robert Scoble (and Steve) was doing social media, way before Twitter, Facebook and the general media even thought of doing a Tweet or “friending” someone. Robert was doing video blogging, covering the hot tech startups of Silicon Valley, before any media company journalist had their first Flip camera.
At this time Robert works for Rackpsace and produces their Building 43 blog about creating web sites and he also blogs at his own personal blog at
If you’re new to video blogging and want some quick tips from the king of social media, listen to this video clip of his off the cuff, sage advice.