Google Apps (Cheaper and More Features): Is It Time To Stop Using MSFT Exchange?

I have a hosted Microsoft Exchange Server from Intermedia in which I use Outlook (as my email client) and Exchange as my server and pay $60 a month for 2.5 GB of storage.
I’m reading more and more about Google Apps and getting VERY tempted to switch to Google Apps. Why pay $60 a month for email hosting when I can pay $50 a year for SO MUCH MORE?
The case against using Google is that it is an engineering firm (pushing out great technology) but not a company serving the needs of small businesses (by offering good tech support, for example), this argument is less and less valid, especially considering local techs who can assist and the drastic cost savings.
Many organizations are switching to Google to save money – lots of money. The second reason are the advanced collaboration features that Gmail users have come to love.
Mashable wrote an article on OPEN Forum reviewing the Google Apps for businesses.