Google Local Update: Upgrade Helps Home Office Professionals

Google’s Local Business Center is a powerful way for businesses desiring local customers to get visibility in Google’s local search engine. Search Engine Land writes about a new improvement that home business users will really like:
Google Maps is rolling out what it hopes will be a solution to one of the Local Business Center’s longtime shortcomings: the inability for service-based and/or home-based local businesses to use the LBC. Before today, all local businesses using the Local Business Center had to display a business address for their physical location — not an ideal situation for home-based businesses. Further, for plumbers, real estate agents, and countless other businesses that serve many towns in one area, it’s been extremely difficult to have visibility anywhere other than the town associated with the LBC listing. Those problems appear to be a thing of the past.
When logged in to the LBC, users will see a new tab called “Service Areas and Location Settings.” Read the full article here.
I was clued into this from Small Business Trends.