Happy Birthday Copier: 50 Years Old (Do you love yours?)

CNN celebrates the 50th anniversary of the copier. You’ll learn the history of the device that’s become a staple item in your office, and mine!
CNN writes:
In March of 1960, the first plain-paper office copier was shipped to a paying customer by Haloid Xerox, a little-known photographic-supply company in Rochester, New York. The contraption was the size of two washing machines, weighed 648 pounds and had to be turned on its side to fit through doorways. It also occasionally caught on fire.
Today, we’ve got copiers that not only “copy” but can scan documents, fax and of course print. In fact Lexmark won a HOT TECH DEMO 2010 award at the Fifth Annual Small Business Summit (http://www.smallbiztechsummit.com) for their multi-function device, the Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901. It can connect to the Internet, and like the iPhone has customizable and programmable applications!