Is It Ok to Not Buy From “Brand Name” PC Vendors Such As Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba?

maingearshift.pngEarlier today I got an email from computer maker Maingear, which specializes in building custom computers for PC gamers and enthusiasts, announcing their line of new notebook computers.
I’m so used to computers from the “brand names” of HP, Dell, Lenovo and Acer/Gateway (oh and Apple) – that purchasing something from any other brand seemed like it could be purchasing an inferior product.
I’ve learned today, that many of these brands, which I might consider “off brands”, are actually premium brands, for professionals who want premium components and the best quality hardware inside their computers.
Chris Morley, CTO of MAINGEAR shared the following comments with me:
While not as well known in the small business community, MAINGEAR is far from an off-brand.
We’re a fully staffed, US-based OEM and strategic partner for NVIDIA, Fuzion Partner for AMD, and Intel Premier Provider. We have more awards in customer service and performance than all of the Tier 1 OEMs combined.
Our systems are built and supported in the US, and we’re an A+ BBB Accredited business. Combined with our 10/10 Reseller Ratings and “Elite Member” status and we’re not even playing on the same field when it comes to customer service.

Our customers have direct access to the person who built their system, not an outsourced call center overseas. Aside form having in-house support staff and direct access to our builders and engineers, we provide on-site service, priority overnight shipping in the first thirty days for mission critical failures, and remote, hardware-based diagnostics and support.
We sell to the US government, education markets, and SMBs every day.
We don’t subsidize the cost of our builds with bloatware or crapware. As a result our systems run more stable and deliver a better experience for our customers. Furthermore, we design systems that cannot be touched in terms of high performance components. Just look at the latest NVIDIA launch. NVIDIA had 46 MAINGEAR SHIFTs at PAX East for their launch – not Dell, HP, or other companies. Why? Because we build a better system that is geared towards quality components and can handle keeping them cool and quiet in a way that plastic and steel chassis simply cannot match.

Want to hear more from Chris? Check out this video: