Is Your Storage Hardware Ready For A Disaster?

When disaster strikes, it is important to ensure your data is as fully protected as possible.
Most of us know by now that it’s important to have your data stored off site. Using an online backup service makes this process much easier. I use and other good options include my friend Jennifer Walzer’s Backupmyinfo, SugarSync and others.
Furthermore, it is also valuable to duplicate data local and store it in your office, so you have an option to restore the data from the remote site or more quickly restore the data from a local drive.

ioSafe.jpgThere’s a lot of external hard drives on the market, and Iosafe makes external drives that are disaster proof – which means they are fire, water, shock and crush proof.
If you come into your office and find that there’s 2 feet of water on your floor, wouldn’t it be a relief to know that your data is still safe. Or maybe, just think about the earthquake in Haiti, your building collapses (or worse). Having a disaster proof drive will ensure your storage device and the data it holds, is intact.