Issue Proposals: You Don’t Have To Keep Using Word and Excel. There Is A Better Way

I just came across a neat online service, ideal for smaller businesses that need to issue and manage proposals, but don’t have a system in place.
Many businesses are using Excel or Word to issue proposals, but there has to be a better way. These tools are good, as I’ve said many times before, but often times its better to use a tool designed for the task at hand.
Proposals are NOT just pieces of paper you send to a client and hope for the best. It is a sales document that can make the difference between getting your next job or contract or not.
Proposable launched on 6th February enables businesses to create proposals, deliver the proposal and enable the reader to post questions and comments alongside the proposal.
James Kappen, founder of Proposable, emailed me about some of the very useful features:
When a proposal is viewed or commented on by a lead, the salesperson is instantly notified via text message and email. Salespeople now have the option to engage leads at the exact moment when they are viewing the delivered proposal. The salesperson can view an in-depth analytics page that displays the lead’s viewing patterns and entire view history. This revolutionary proposal viewing data will empower salespeople to effectively gauge interest and focus their resources on the highest value leads first.

The beauty of our online world is that anyone can create a great application for businesses. The challenge for you, as a business owner, is to ensure you pick the tool that’s write for you and from a company that is not only here today, but also tomorrow.
Guess what? Proposable is not a “Silicon Valley” company, but is based in Indiana. They received $250,000 of first round funding through the Sproutbox business accelerator program in Bloomington Indiana (
Check out the video about Proposable below.

Proposable Overview Video from Proposable on Vimeo.