Jealous of iPhone Apps? Verizon Wireless, AT&T, BlackBerry Have App Portals For Businesses

Sometimes I’m tempted to buy an iPhone because it looks like so many of the “cool” apps are on the iPhone platform. However, there are indeed lots of great apps for other devices.
Verizon Wireless, AT&T and BlackBerry all have portals to provide you with useful apps for their devices. Sprint has a partnership with GetJar.
You can use your smartphone, like a regular phone, and check email. However, if you want to BOOST productivity as you work out of the office, the mobile applications you use are going to be critical.
For example, AT&T launched a Small Business Mobile Application Recommender Tool, a Web portal you can use to locate mobile apps from AT&T.

An AT&T representative told me that SMB mobile app spending is growing fast, from $241.8 million in 2008 to a projected $616.5 million market by 2012, according to market research firm Compass Intelligence. AT&T also announced four new mobile apps:

  • AIRTIME Manager from AT&T – provides solutions for capturing and reporting billable events, including time associated with wireless calls and email.
  • Associate from AT&T – provides lawyers, doctors and other professionals with a mobile dictation tool and transcription and review workflow.
  • ProntoForms from AT&T – offers mobile forms application, replacing paper forms and streamlining in-field data collection and reporting.
  • Nice Office from AT&T – offers suite of mobile office applications, including contact management, work tasks, sales opportunity management, calendar, email, and auto journals.

Other carriers wireless portals are:
BlackBerry | Sprint | Verizon Wireless