Microsoft Power Point: Consider Doing Your Next “PPT” With Hosted Presentation Software (Zoho)

Most of us, from high school students to business professionals, have seen or given a Microsoft Power Point presentation. We all complain about these presentations.
Much of our wrath is focused on the product, when in actuality it SHOULD be focused on the presenters who do not know how to give good presentations and rely on Power Point for their presentation. Instead they should be relying on Power Point (or any presentation software) as simply a back ground tool to enhance and add clarity to their presentation.
My friend Marshall Makstein, co-founder of presentation company Eslide in New York City, is the guru of this topic!
In any case, there are several tools on the market that over time will make using Power Point a thing of the past. These tools leverage the Internet to enable you to create and store presentations online – making it much easier to collaborate and share them with others, including integrating them on your web site.
Zoho announced earlier this month that their Zoho Presentation tool has also been updated:

Transitions and animations have been two of the most requested features for our online presentations product, Zoho Show. We’re happy to release them today. We’ve added 30 slide transitions and 5 in-slide animations that you can add to your Zoho Show presentation. And just in case you’re wondering, when you import a PowerPoint presentation that has transitions, we do import those with it. Same thing when you export a presentation. You will find the transitions and animations menu on the right-hand side in the Zoho Show UI (next to the Shapes and Themes).
As more professionals see the benefits of hosted presentations they’ll wean themselves from Microsoft Power Point. This growth will also happen due to the continued proliferation of free and open wireless Internet access in conference rooms.
Have a look at Zoho Presentation here:

You already know about SlideRocket, another powerful tool for hosted presentations (and so much more), which won a Fifth Annual Small Business Summit HOT TECH DEMO 2010 award.