Grabbing The Wayward Customer: Beyond Cost Per Click

Imagine what happens when a customer stops by your retail web site. They MIGHT browse around your web site for a few minutes and then most likely they leave.
This process is repeated over and over again on thousands of retail web sites all across the web.
Cost per click advertising (including marketing through email newsletters, blogs and the like) can drive traffic to your web site. However, often times people are first browsing and then go to other web sites, before buying. Or they go to other web sites, completely unrelated to their purchase and forget about your web site all together.
To help turn browsers into buyers (thanks Eisenberg brothers) and INCREASE sales (not just traffic), mediaFORGE (and other companies) have created a new type of online advertising system. This system enables an advertisement to follow your “potential customer” around as they browse other web sites, reminding them of your web site.
In life, in general, most of the time, it takes more than one “poke” to get us to pay attention.
tony-zito-media-forge.jpgTony Zito, the President and CEO of mediaFORGE, explained that with mediaFORGE’s re-targeter (or ad personalization) technology, when customers leave your web site, you can still be in front of them, through a banner advertisement gently reminding them to come back and purchase.

What’s also neat, is that as customers fill up their shopping carts with items and buy from you (or decide not to buy) you can specifically target them with advertisements that compliment what was in their shopping cart.
Tony explained that what differentiates his company from his competitors is that mediaFORGE charges a commission on sales. Other companies charge for the number of displays your advertisement generates. So if your advertisement is displayed 1,000,000 times and only 10 people click on it and buy, you still pay for the 1 million views. Tony believes that the better way, for the customer, is to only make money when the customer makes money.
Is there some merit in an advertisement being viewed? Sure. But Tony counters that argument by explaining that what if the advertisement is displayed but really never viewed. The customer still loses out.
Tony feels that Cost Per Click advertising and ad personalization (or retargeting will compliment each other quite well.
If you’re looking to BOOST your online marketing in 2010 I would highly suggest you consider ad personalization.