Security and More From Your Phone Company, Cable Provider and others

Verizon Business
recently announced that it is launching new offering for medium-sized businesses that offers five-way protection against cyberthreats in a cost-effective pay-per-use model
Verizon is offering this new service in partnership with McAfee . The new services is an an integrated security which provides five-way protection against cyberthreats for an affordable monthly per-user fee. Specifically, the security suite helps protect against network, endpoint, Web, data and e-mail security threats.
Why is this important?
You’ll find that larger companies, are going to partner with other companies and resell their services to provide new services to their customers, beyond what they natively are able to provide.
These new services enable them to increase market share and/or gain new customers (profits/revenue) in new areas, without investing money in developing the services on their own.
Hosted applications make it much easier for companies to provide IT services (and other services) to business, through partnerships.

In the case of network security, traditionally, your local IT consultant has assisted with securing your network and computers and/or you’ve just installed security software and appliances where needed.
However, your local telephone company (and cable company) will continue to partner with IT vendors and service providers to provide you with services that they would normally not provide.
The goal for these companies is to provide your business with as much of its IT needs as they can, from one source.
Another vendor, Dell, is aggressively providing businesses with a full plate of technology solutions. We all know it sells computers, but it also has dedicated representatives who can serve as consultants for a variety of IT issues, including virtualization, managed services, network, security and more.
Mel Parker, Dell’s Director of US Small Business addressed this issue at Tuesday’s Fifth Annual Small Business Summit.
Other vendors providing a full suite of IT support to businesses include CDW, CMIT Solutions, Staples Network Services and of course many local IT companies.
Your options for technology solutions are MASSIVE – just ensure that the company you work with is providing you with services at a sufficient level.
(An aside to this, is that as I was writing this post I was alerted via Twitter that Quest small business customers receive cash for referring customers. See the news on MarketWatch)