Synchronizing Devices Via Email: Mobile Productivity Gets A Boost

On Tuesday, SugarSync was awarded the “HOT TECH DEMO 2010” Fifth Annual Small Business Summit award.
Hottech_Winner2.jpgThis award, out of over 60 entrants, was given due to the power of SugarSync’s ability to easily synchronize data between devices.
They recently added a new and VERY useful feature, enabling you to update synchronized devices via email.
The new feature enables a SugarSync user to sync any email attachment to a dedicated folder in their SugarSync account by simply forwarding it to a special email address. Instantly, the file(s) is available on all synced devices.
In the overall scope of technology, this announcement is not that important. However, for professionals who frequently receive files, and need to quickly share them with a team, this new feature is VERY powerful.