Tablet Computers Now With Touch: Boosting Productivity of Mobile Professionals

hpelitebook2740p.jpgI remember trying out my first tablet computer. (One of the first tryouts was in 2003). Basically it was a PC with a glass screen and a pen. At the time, it was a wonder.
Fast forward 7 years, HP come out with the HP EliteBook 2740p. It’s an ultra-thin, multitouch-enabled convertible tablet that provides an interactive experience for businesses in health care, education, sales and more.
What’s neat about this tablet PC is that it has touch capabilities, similar to what you’d find on a smart phone (such as the iPhone). It’s one of the first tablet PCs with touch.

Kyle Thornton, Category Manager for HP Ultra-Light Business Notebook Computing told me that that market is more ripe than ever for touch enabled notebooks and in the future people will expect their tablets to have touch.
There are already off-the shelf applications that support the unique features of tablet computers. However, there needs to be even more advancement in this field to take advantage of the new touch capabilities of this new tablet and the ones surely to come out in the future.
Kyle said that tablets are use in many different ways – such as medical office staff who need to be mobile and need flexible data input, to real estate photography professionals who need to display their work to clients while having as much data entry productivity as possible (especially for real estate agents).
HP recently launched other mobile computers, such as the HP EliteBook 2540p, which HP says are the company’s lightest EliteBook notebook PC, starting at only 3.3 pounds. Although light, options include full processing power and an option for two spindles (meaning two storage options – like for a CD and the hard drive).
Mobile professionals, no matter how careful they are, are going to bump, drop and nick their equipment. Knowing this, Kyle explained, HP’s made an extra effort to make the 2740p and 2540p durable. This durability includes: HP DuraCase and HP DuraKeys.