The Mobile Office: Security and Productivity (Free Intuit Webinar)

The days of a business owner staying in their office, cradling a phone to one ear and yelling at their employees are OVER.
The modern business owner, in order to be successful, must be mobile and highly productive inside the office and outside the office. They must also enable their employees to do the same.
This sounds easy – just get an iPhone, BlackBerry or an HTC phone and you’re mobile. It’s so much more.
In order to successfully operate your business on the road, you must consider security, the form factor of the device(s) you need, how you work day to day (do you need to type a lot or just review documents), internet access (a few emails, or high speed Internet), and more.
I’ll speak about these issues, in depth at Intuit’s upcoming webinar on March 24, 2010 at 1pm EST.