Twitter: Most Biz Professionals are Using it Wrong. The Successful Ones LISTEN.

twitter2.pngEveryone seems to be “on” Twitter, but I suspect that most of those “on” Twitter are really not using Twitter to its maximum potential in their business.
I guess like most of you, it kind of grew on me. I created my profile – and did nothing. Heard about Twitter a bit more, and then checked my profile again. And did nothing. But then over time I started trying to “follow” the conversations of my followers and was soon overwhelmed.
If you want to get the most out of Twitter, either as a sales tool or as an intelligence center, you’ve got to go beyond the Twitter home page and ensure that you use the tools to really make twitter a powerful system of productivity for your business.
One of the tools that many power users use is TweetDeck which lets you manage multiple Twitter accounts.
I’ve found the most productive way to use Twitter is not necessarily directly following people, nor by posting things so my followers can read them. Using Twitter as a news feed to keep up with information, of importance to me is the best way I’ve found to use Twitter.

The New York Times writes At its best, the social medium is a perpetual, personalized news service about topics of your choosing — whether health care reform, tech news or the latest episode of “Gossip Girl” — filtered and served to you by people who care a lot about what you care a lot about.
Even the most prolific users say Twitter has become more useful as a way to tap in to the discussions of the day than to broadcast their own thoughts. And once you get pulled in, you might just find you have something to say after all.

Lesson Learned: If you think Twitter is all about YOU posting, you’re probably wrong. Start by LISTENING – as Peter Shankman (Help A Reporter Out – HARO) told me in this interview.
Some other ways to use Twitter are by using the list feature: The NY Times writes Someone could separate celebrity users, owners of food carts in New York or tech pundits, for example, so they get an unadulterated stream of news on only the topic they want at that moment.
Read the full NY Times article for more great tips. Twitter has a great guide to using Twitter for business, here.