Using POP Email? Stop Right Now and Use Hosted Email.

For the past few days a good friend of mine has been having intense problems with her email. Unfortunately, like many of you, her email is “POP” based. This means she downloads it from the email host onto her computer.
If something happens to her computer, like is happening now, she’ll lose her email (as she is now). Of course she could restore a backup of her email folder, assuming it’s backed up, but this is a pain.
For those of us who use Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps (Google hosted email) or some other hosted email platform, when problems affect your desktop computer, you are still able to easily access all of your email.
If your business is not using hosted email, you need to switch to a hosted email provider TODAY. Discuss this with your local IT consultant, before disaster strikes.
I use Intermedia for my hosted Exchange or try out Google Apps (which I’m thinking of switching to).