When’s The Last Time You Helped A Local Business?

I was at my local dry cleaners today and she told me what a challenge it’s been for her. Her prices for supplies are going up and customers are coming in less. Her story is repeated across this country.
Justin Kitch, chief growth officer of Intuit’s Small Business Group said that “Small businesses are more than at the heart of local communities. They’re also the foundation of local economies.”
What can you do to help support YOUR local business?
He said this on the occasion of Inuit’s Love a Local Business initiative which sheds the spot light on local businesses, across the country and encourages their local customers to vote for them and write words of praise about them.
If there’s a small business (and their owner) you really like, nominate them and vote for them!

Intuit will host a “Love a Local Business” event in Sacramento, from March 12 – 13. Local businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to receive cash grants, win free Intuit products and services, get advice from business experts, network with other small business owners and celebrate the Sacramento local business community. If you’re in Sacramento, stop by.
I’m having my own “local a local small business” type event in New York City next week.
It’s the Fifth Annual Small Business Summit (http://www.smallbiztechsummit.com) taking place on March 16, 2010.