Why Content Is King for Growing Business and Not Just for Media Companies. (Video interview with Pheedo’s Bill Flitter)

When we think of “content” we think of Youtube, ABC, NBC, NPR, Lost, 24 and other content that is generated by “media companies”.
However, as social media continues its rapid fire growth in our lives, the content that YOUR business produces is also going to be of importance. HUGE importance.
Of course for those who have no content or continue to rely on boring, static, digital brochure type web sites, this does not apply.
However, for those of you who have good content you need to understand the importance of not just having great content but also of ensuring it is widely syndicated across the digital landscape of the web.
I recently talked to Bill Flitter, CEO and founder of Pheedo who spoke to me about Pheedo’s newest tool, Dlvr.it.

Bill said businesses need to use their web sites as digital hubs for broadcasting or syndicating their content to customers how they (the customers) want to do receive it.

The challenge for businesses, is that between email, web sites, blogs, the growing number of social media sites (Twitter and Facebook being the most popular) it is very challenging to get content to your customers the way they want to receive it.
There are tools like Feedburner (owned by Google), which help you turn your RSS feed into HTML, monetize it and a bit more. But it’s still quite limited.
Dlvr.it is a very powerful, but simple to use platform that enables you to take one ore more feeds (I saw it in action myself) and deliver the associated content in very customizable ways.
For example you can send a feed to Twitter and ensure that the headline is only 140 characters. You could instruct Dlvr.it to take the same feed and send to Facebook, utilizing the entire headline (even if it’s over 140 characters) and customize how it’s delivered to Facebook.
At yesterday’s Shenandoah Business Symposium I was on technology panel (what other panel would I be on?) and the biggest discussion was on social media (not mobility, not Green IT). The businesses wanted to know how they could best leverage social media to acquire new customers and more importantly to keep the ones they have.
Tools like Dlvr.it are going to be EXTREMELY important as businesses take their content and micro-broadcast it online to their respective audiences.