You Don’t Need To Have A Web Site or Social Media To Bulid A Loyal Customer Base

With the noise of Facebook and Twitter constantly in our faces, some business owners might think that the only way to market to their customers is to build a fancy web site, integrate it with Twitter, do a fancy social media marketing campaign and buy some Google cost per click text advertisements.
However, all of this is not necessary, if you want to build a simple and effective campaign to market to your customers and keep them loyal.
Starting out by simply collecting email addresses of incoming customers and regularly sending them a well designed newsletter is all you really need to do.
Karl Foxley a Search Engine marketing consulting recounts this story, of his local barber shop:

Each time someone paid for their haircut at the till, they were asked if they would like to sign-up for the salon’s (new) email newsletter and to receive notifications of any special offers that the salon were to be running.
This required the customer to leave their first name and email address. In return, the customer received a 20 per cent discount voucher of their next haircut.
By providing customers with a money off voucher on a future haircut, a large number of people that were first-time visitors went on to become repeat customers.

This is a very good example of marketing to customers, using technology (email marketing) yet relying on “old fashioned” word of mouth interaction with customers.