4 Keys To Implementing An “Anywhere” (mobile) Office

The mobile office is something that business professionals have been leveraging ever since the days when the upper crest of the African, Roman and other empires (way before the iPad) took their households with them on long trips.
Of course in the year 2010, the idea and reality of the mobile office is so much different today than it was in 1970 or in 1870.
Before diving into all things mobile I think it’s important to first define work and understand what it means.
It’s not a place.
Work is what you are doing as a professional, wherever you are. That’s work. If you’re at home, working on a report for the company – you’re at work. If you’re at the client’s office for the day – you’re at work.
My day, like some very small businesses, is spent on the train (thanks to Verizon Wireless broadband), in Starbucks (but the music is too loud), at my home office or somewhere in between. I’m sure your day is somewhat similar – with many days not in the traditional office at all.
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