9 Tips To Extend the Battery Life Of Your Cell Phone

For most of us, our cell phones are one of the most important devices we have. We’d rather have a cell phone than a computer in many cases.
However, our cell phone has a very limited battery. For my HTC Ozone it lasts from about 6:00am until around 7 or 8pm then it’s on one of the last bars. Not bad, but hey, maybe I want it to last longer.
Here’s 6 things you can do, from the NY Times to make your batter last longer:

  • Reconsider Your Network – the network you’re on affects battery life
  • Dim the screen – your bright screen sucks battery life
  • Stop searching – every time your phone is searching for a network (Bluetooh, WiFi or etc) it’s draining battery life
  • Skip a generation – the more evolved your phone’s network is (as in 3G) the more juice it’ll take
  • Check mail manually – checking mail every second drains battery life
  • Turn everything off – turning everything off will definitely extend battery life (underground in a meeting? your phone’s fancy features are of little use)

Read all 9 from the NY Times article and get a lot more information on the tips above, here.