Are You Drowning In Business Cards and Paper? You Don’t Have To.

There are a lot of reasons people get excited about going to events. They get excited about networking with experts and other business owners. They get excited about hearing great information from the speakers. Maybe they just like the food. For some it’s an excuse to leave the office (home or corporate).
For those attending the Fifth Annual Small Business Summit one of the reasons they get excited are the dozen or more items we give away.
This year we gave away Blackberrys (from Sprint), Airline Tickets (from American Airlines), external servers (from Iosafe) and lots more – including two Dell notebook computers!
plustekad450.jpgWe also gave away, a Plustek Mobile Office AD40 scanner.
At the end of a busy day of meetings and networkings a cold bottle of apple juice, Doritos and a business card scanner to scan business cards – sounds about right.

I look at my own desk and there are dozens of business cards laying there. Some of the professionals “attached” to those cards, I should contact. Others, I should call. Others want to receive Small Business Technology Report. In any case, what are they doing? Siting in a pile on my desk.
What about your office? Are you drowning in business cards or sliding in a pile of paper?
One of the best ways to reduce the clutter and BETTER ORGANIZE your life is using a scanner. Of course as I’m sure my friend Lisa Zaslow of Gotham Organizers would agree, the document scanner is only PART of the solution. You’ve also got to have a systematic way to BE organized!
Having a large bulky scanner is an option, and might be needed, if you need to scan books or lots of documents. But Plustek’s svelte (and mobile) scanner is ideal for tight spaces, home offices, to store in the trunk of your car or keep in your hotel room.
Scanning documents is only half the job of document management. Of course, having the software that can help you FIND the documents you’ve scanned and process the scanned data is also very important.
The AD450 is very compact and weighs less than 3 lbs and includes a carrying case. Because the AD450 is powered by the USB bus or AC Power, it is suitable for use in the office or on the road.
So, instead of going absolutely CRAZY about the paper in your office, it’s time to take the time (or ask someone to do it for you..hint…cousins, your children, assistant) and digitize your mounds of paper.
If you have mobile scanner, you don’t have to wait until you “get back to the office” but you can do it whenever and wherever you are.