Are You Ready For Mobile Payment Services? Your Customers Will Demand It.

Right now your customers are quite happy using their debit cards for $2 bagels. However, as ever quarter passes more and more customers are going to be using mobile payment services between themselves and will want to start using it to pay for your business services and products as well.
Philadelphia based XIPWIRE is a mobile payment service, that is launching what it claims is a simple text-to-pay technology.
XIPWIRE enables consumers and merchants to send and receive money securely and quickly via text message from a mobile phone. Users can fund XIPWIRE accounts with money from a debit card, bank account, credit card or with money that friends and family transfer to the account. With two easy steps, users can pay for everything from cheesesteaks and water ice to dog-walkers and coffee shops – all from the convenience of a mobile phone. While mobile payments are commonplace throughout the globe, their adoption is only now gaining momentum domestically; in an effort to introduce the technology and provide a risk-free opportunity for merchants and consumers, the XIPWIRE service will be free of charge through 2010.
The challenge for you is deciding which service to use. Right now, it’s way to early to pick a clear winner. The services implement their sign up and confirmation processes differently and offer varying degrees of options for security as well. Over time, the winners will rise to the top as the market votes with their wallets and usage.
Intuit’s GoPayment and Venmo are two technologies you might want to look at as well.