Jigsaw Acquired by SalesForce.com

Congratulations to Jigsaw the company that helps you find accurate contact information (or new contacts) for being sold to SalesForce.com.
In an email Jim Fowler, CEO and Founder of Jigsaw said the affect of the sale on Jigsaw customers:

  • Nothing substantial will change from an operations standpoint. Jigsaw will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of salesforce.com, and Jigsaw will continue to offer the same free, pay, and corporate options that we do today.
  • The Jigsaw Community will continue to play a critical role in our success. Jigsaw started as a crowd-sourced model and will continue to lead the market in accurate business information through that model.
  • Integration with salesforce.com will get even better. As an open data platform, we’ll also continue to build out our set of APIs and connectors to other Web-based software and data management solutions.
  • In short, we believe this acquisition will let Jigsaw achieve the mission we set out to accomplish when we opened our doors in early 2004—only faster and more easily!