Local Access To Hosted Files: The Maturation of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is great, but one of the advantages of software such as Groove (which has not been integrated into SharePoint and other Microsoft services, is the ability to access files in the cloud, through local drives.
You’ll see this hybrid approach increasing.
This does not mean that cloud computing is NOT viable. Quite the contrary, it means that cloud computing services are MATURING and are seeing that businesses want to go to a browser to access files but they also want to access files through “local” drives as they have been doing for years.
Central Desktop, recently accouned the availability of the new Central Desktop Web Folders feature. Web Folders extends the online collaboration software’s document management capabilities by introducing away for Central Desktop users to manage files stored in the cloud. Web Folders allows users to conveniently interact with their Central Desktop files and folders directly from their local computers.
Virtual file sharing company, Egnyte has a similar offering, which allows companies to access their “cloud based files” on a local drive.