Love Your Local Business…by Buying Local (Craig’s List for Business)

Today at New York Entrepreneur Week there was a lot of talk about crowd sourcing and outsourcing EVERYTHING, except the entrepreneur to manage all the outsourced vendors.
So what if you’re a local company and you are looking for LOCAL vendors to help provide what you need? It’s easy (relatively) to find companies in India, but what if you’re in Indiana, Tennessee or Atlanta?
bidmodo.gifOne new solution, with a focus on New York and Austin is Bidmodo which is an online service (think Craig’s List for Business or BuyerZone for Business) that helps connect local merchants with local needs.

“Prior to BidModo, I ran a video production company,” said founder Toby Schwartz. “I would regularly hear of companies in town turning to New York or San Francisco to hire for their video needs. And I can’t tell you how many times I’d meet people in Austin who would comment that they wished they knew I was here. It was time for a simple technology, an online market place, to connect businesses in a better way. That’s why we started BidModo.”
Other services you might want to try out are Elance, Crowdsourcing
Want to vote for your local business? Check out Intuit’s Love a Local Small Business