Making Caller ID Profitable and Customer Focused: The Evolution of Hosted Phone Systems

We know that hosted telephone systems from companies such as M5 can do just about anything. However, these phone systems are often priced for mid to larger sized companies, not the typical $10 or so a month that smaller businesses are used to. Especially smaller businesses that rely in part on a mixture of personal cell phones and virtual (out of office) employees.
On the other side, are companies such as RingCentral, Grasshopper, Virtual PBX, eVoice, and myVoice which are low cost and feature rich and are great for smaller businesses, startups and businesses with employees all over the city or country.
On Monday, Ringio launched a new service, which offers a feature set unlike any other hosted phone system I’ve seen, for smaller businesses.
The “wow” factor of Ringio, is that when a user calls, you not only know who is calling, but you can see HOW this person relates to your company and get much deeper intelligence, before you pick up the phone, about the person calling.

When a phone call comes in, knowing as much as you can about the caller can be absolutely important in deciding how and what you’ll say on the phone.
Instead of just seeing your calling ID, your caller ID with Ringio can be PROFITABLE.
What’s important about a phone call (from a post on Ringio’s blog post)
The Interaction Between the Caller and Company

  • Who has the caller talked to within my company?
  • Is that person available to take the call?
  • If so you can send the caller to that person best suited to serve the call.
  • Did the customer just open a high priority support ticket before calling me?
  • When was the caller’s last phone communication with someone at my company?
  • Which team (sales, support etc) did the caller last speak to?

Co-Worker Generated Data
What are the notes and comments about the caller from my co-workers?
Social Data

  • What was the last tweet / facebook update issued by the caller?
  • Is there a common Linked In connection between the caller and I?

Workflow Data

  • Is the caller a prospect, evaluator or customer and calling a specific department (sales, for example)?
  • Perhaps there are 3 key points that a sales person needs to hit on depending on what type of caller is calling. That information can be popped with the call and ensure that the call will be handled efficiently.
  • Does the caller qualify for a special offer? An upsell opportunity perhaps?

These are just a few ideas for making the conversation richer. What kind of information would transform the conversations for your business?