New York Entrepreneur Week: Educate Yourself and Network Like Crazy…. is pleased to be a media sponsor of the awesome New York Entrepreneur Week

New York Entrepreneur Week (NYEW) is a non-profit movement formed around a single belief: entrepreneurs change the world.
Now is the time for entrepreneurs who have the will and drive to prove they can achieve anything, to stand up and come together in New York State for another groundbreaking NYEW event.
The New York Entrepreneur Week movement gives you the opportunity to actively engage the foremost entrepreneurs, investors and dealmakers both in the State and from around the world. NYEW is the largest statewide movement providing an exclusive educational experience for all entrepreneurs- from enterprising young idea-stage innovators to hundred million dollar revenue generators.

With over 100 speakers from 40 cities, 15 states and 3 continents, NYEW unites the state’s diverse entrepreneurial community; giving you the opportunity to connect with and learn from New York’s best and brightest entrepreneurs who are relentless, driven and dedicated to improving your business and the economy.
New York Entrepreneur Week encompasses five days of innovative and hyper-targeted events, including:

  • Inspiring keynote speeches from recognized business leaders
  • Riveting panels delivering relevant mission-critical advice
  • The flagship RELENTLESS business plan competition
  • Entrepreneurs catapult economies to greater success. We are the catalysts for conquering today’s harsh economic challenges. We are the leaders that will turn economic adversity into opportunity. To take part in the entrepreneurial revolution, join us and attend New York Entrepreneur Week